File Nov 26, 6 14 27 PMBishop Nathaniel A. Bullock was born and raised in Oakland, CA and graduated from CastlemontHigh School. In 1982, he relocated to Stockton, CA and joined the White Rose Church of God in Christ where he rededicated his life and accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Bishop Bullock accepted his call to ministry in 1986 and was ordainedas an Elder of the Church of God in Christ by Bishop W.W. Hamilton of the California Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. After diligently serving in that capacity, his commitment and dedication ascended him to the position of Assistant Pastor of the Greater White Rose Church of God in Christ, under the leadership of Superintendent W.M. Peterson. Sequentially, in 1998, he received and accepted his pastoral calling and was appointed to the New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ where he served as founder and pastor. In 2010, he was appointed to the position of Pastor of the Greater White Rose Church of God in Christ, upon the retirement of Superintendent W.M. Peterson, and was led by God to consolidate the two ministries.

Bishop Bullock has served in various capacities of the California Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction under the leadership of Bishop W.W. Hamilton. Bishop Bullock served as Superintendent of the Stockton District, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Board Member, Administrative Assistant and as 1stAdministrative Assistant to Bishop W.W. Hamilton.

Bishop Bullockwas appointed an Auxiliary Bishop of the Church of God in Christ in April 2013. He was inducted into the Episcopacy and consecrated by Bishop C.E. Blake, Presiding Bishop of Church of God in Christ, Inc. in November 2013.

Bishop Bullock was elevated and appointed to Jurisdictional Prelate of the California Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, after the retirement of Bishop W.W. Hamilton in May 2015, by Bishop C.E. Blake. Bishop Bullock holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Management and is a licensed Real Estate Broker, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Bullock and Associates Real Estate and Development Company.

Bishop Bullock has been married to Lady Charlene Bullock since 1989 and has three beautiful daughters; Keneisha, Courtney and Natalie. He is well known as a teacher, financial planner and motivational speaker throughout the community. His experience includes facilitating various seminars in leadership, marriage and family, discipleship, finance and mentoring young African American men. He has served on the Mayor’s Task Force in effort to reduce crime in the City of Stockton. He continues to advocate for education and employment opportunities for the unemployed and underserved.

Bishop Bullockis a man of perseverance, dedication and faith in God’s Word. His purpose and mission is to serve, teach and preach God’s Word so that the people of God will be saved, healed, delivered, and live prosperous lives in the Lord.