The White Rose Church of God in Christ was founded by the late W.D. Peterson. With a God-given vision, faith and no money, he set out to do God’s will. With a $500.00 gift from a longtime friend, Mr. Cooper, Dr. Peterson was blessed to begin construction of the White Rose Church.

After tirelessly laboring, the doors of the White Rose Church of God in Christ were opened in the summer of 1947 with approximately 31 members. Transportation was a barrier. Therefore, two deacons with automobiles, Deacon Anderson and Deacon Miller, transported members to services. Sometimes, when it rained, water flooded the entire area of the church and members were transported by rowboat from Airport Way (formerly Sharpes Lane). Pastor W.D. Peterson’s vision began to take form and the congregation began to grow. The church established various auxiliaries and ministries and began to thrive as a vibrant force in the community, spreading the Gospel and leading souls to Christ.

The senior mothers of the church, Mothers Dora Hayden, Ida Peterson (Mother of founder), Beatrice Roberts and Mamie Rhone would sell food and beverages outside of the church in order to contribute to the building fund.

In 1959, Dr. W.D. Peterson was directed by the Lord to continue his pastoral ministry in San Diego, CA. His son, Pastor W.M. Peterson was serving as pastor of the Wayside Church of God in Christ in Weed, CA and was appointed pastor of the White Rose Church.

Pastor W.M. Peterson began pastoring in 1960 and the vision continued. The Lord blessed and tremendous growth necessitated a new place of worship. The church purchased additional property and ground breaking for the new edifice took place in the late 1970’s. The congregation marched into the Greater White Rose Church of God in Christ in March 1986. Under the leadership of Dr. W.M. Peterson, many souls were saved and lives were blessed. Additionally, many improvements were made. Various auxiliaries and ministries were added to meet the need of the people and additional properties were purchased.

Pastor W.M. Peterson retired in June 2010 after 50 years of faithful and dedicated service.

In June 2010, Bishop N.A. Bullock was appointed by Bishop W.W. Hamilton to pastor the Greater White Rose Church of God in Christ.

At the time of his appointment, he was pastoring the New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ, which he founded in 1998. Bishop Bullock was lead to unite the two ministries. Through his leadership and desire for excellence in ministry, the Greater White Rose Church has progressed and moved to a higher level. Bishop Bullock continues to move in the leading of the Lord to bring vision to fruition.

Our Ministries

Men’s Ministry: to build Godly men to serve Christ in their home, church and community.

Women’s Ministry:  to inform, inspire, and empower women of God, through the Word of God, to live victorious lives in Christ Jesus. Our goal is to foster an environment that promotes love, unity, support, strength, victory and sisterhood. There are ministries specifically designed for young women as well as seasoned women.

Children’s Ministry: to teach biblical principles and promote Christian development. Our primary focus is to teach and save our children by keeping them involved in meaningful and wholesome activities.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry: to preserve in Christian youth a high moral standard of living. To teach young men and women to be people of good character and to live life based on God’s Word so they will be successful in life and live out God’s purpose for their lives.

Music Ministry: to give God our very best praise through song, instruments and worship. We will decrease ourselves so that God may increase and use us as He desires. Operating under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, our goal is to proclaim God’s Word through music and prepare the hearts and minds of God’s people for God’s Word. Music Ministry includes; mass choir, sanctuary choir, men’s choir, young adult choir, youth choir, the Jubilee Children’s Choir and musicians.

Worship Arts Ministry: to worship God, minister to the body of Christ and encourage the people of God through creative expression of dance and drama. Worship Arts ministry includes children’s praise dance team, young adult and adult praise dance teams, skits and plays.

Media Ministry: to worship God and share the Gospel with the people of God through modern technology and social media.

Transportation Ministry: to serve others by providing transportation, for individuals in need, to services and activities within the church.

Overcomer’s Ministry: to assist and encourage individuals and their families in conquering and overcoming the barriers and obstacles that prevent congenial living through Jesus Christ.

Evangelistic Outreach Ministry: to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Chris by reaching out to save the lost and win souls for Christ.

Outreach Ministry: to minister to individuals, through the Word of God, by sharing, caring and offering hope. This ministry visits the sick, incarcerated, shut-in and provides food to those in need.

Women’s Fitness Ministry: to assist women to grow stronger in Christ and develop techniques leading to a healthy lifestyle. A ministry for the body, mind and soul.

Health Care Ministry: to provide information, resources and health care services to individuals in the congregation and community.

Singles Ministry: to empower, encourage and minister to all singles 18 and up using the Word of God as the foundation in every area of ministry.  Whether you are hoping for marital bliss or striving to live single and satisfied, we invite you all to come and be blessed.

Hospitality Ministry: to reach out in dedicated service with the welcoming spirit of genuine inclusion to all. Our goal is to assist in making every area of the church a comfortable atmosphere for members and visitors.  The hospitality ministry includes; greeters, visitor and new members committees, and the culinary team.